June 1

where one goes to have a stitchen good time!

Recycle, Reuse, Redecorate ~~ Extreme LOVER of Buttons, Vintage, Up-cycling, sewing, creating and remembering my sister Holly who passed away February 13th, 2018 of un-diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes. (She had gone into DKA)

I love recycling & re-using things. I especially love making art, bags & jewelry from thrift store, dime store & garage sale finds. I re-purpose furniture, sew, craft and make jewelry. I mean how fun is it to take something that you might be throwing out, worn out or recycled and Re-purpose it.

My cute sewing space

I love giving and making people smile. I grew up in California, lived their my whole life. But in 2017 my husband got the job opportunity of a lifetime for him working as a Software Engineer at Gulftstream Aerospace. So we packed up our things and headed east to Rincon Georgia. About 35 minutes from Savannah…… Some might say that I now am a Southern Girl, A Sweet Georgia Peach 🙂 BUT that would not be the case. I am still a California girl all the way. I am adjusting to this humid, swampy, hellishly hot southern life. I think that will take some time, if I ever get used to it at all.

I am a mother of three (sometimes) awesome children & married to my best friend and soul mate. Family and Friends are the most important thing in life, as is just having fun and smiling. I will be working on that more.

Thanks for checking me out!!
Happy Sewing, Crafting and just Laughing!!

Please feel free to message me if you would love to chat (I love chatting and making new friends) or if you are interested in anything that I make or may have a custom order that would love for me to create for you!

Be Blessed, Be Happy and Smile
Life is to short, so enjoy it!

Miss Kellie