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Paesano Design, Inc.

Recycle, Reuse, Redecorate ~~ Extreme LOVER of Buttons, Vintage,
Up-cycling, fabric, sewing and just creating unique, fun and colorful items for others.

I love recycling & re-using things. I especially love making art, bags & jewelry from thrift store, dime store & garage sale finds. I re-purpose furniture, sew, craft and make jewelry. I mean how fun is it to take something that someone might be throwing out and give it a whole new lease on life.

It’s ok to Love yourself!

I love giving and making people smile. I grew up in California, lived there my whole life. But in 2017 my husband got the job opportunity of a lifetime for him working as a Software Engineer at Gulftstream Aerospace. So we packed up our things and headed east to Rincon, Georgia. About 35 minutes from Savannah…… Some might say that I now am a Southern Girl, A Sweet Georgia Peach 🙂 BUT that would not be the case. I am still a California girl all the way. I am adjusting to this humid, swampy, hellishly hot southern life. I think that will take some time, if I ever get used to it at all.

I am a mother of three awesome children & married to my best friend and soul mate.
I get my love of ART and Creating from my mom. She is a Stained Glass Artist. Been creating for over 45 years. She is truly amazing.

Happy Sewing, Crafting and just Laughing!!Life is to short, so enjoy it!

Miss Kellie